Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) is en elite international organization, 
aimed at turning back to traditions of Japanese karate, presenting conditions when each person can improve his technical skills and essence of spirit of fight art and also building friendly relations in the association.
       The Headquarter is situated in Tokyo, Japan.
       This place is served as Dodjo for each member of KWF.
       Everybody who recognizes the rules of karatenomichi can be a member of KWF. Here you can learn and improve the skills of karate as a fighter's art with the help of qualified word-known expert of Japan. You can learn to use technique which base is the combination of speed and dynamics of karate.
       With universal support we are hoping to develop a new creative on the way of comprehension karate.

The chiefs of Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF)

Chairman Yohji Yamamoto
Chief instructor Mikio Yahara
International director Pempa Tamang
Technical director Norio Kawasaki                  

The main aims of Karatenomichi Ukraine

1.  Getting technically right skills of karate from originals, leading of technique of karate of organization, members to art, using struggle spirit and concentration of attack.

2.  Holding of preparation of karate with United system base technique KATA and KUMITE using energetic charge. 

3.  Creation of select teams of Ukraine of international level.

4.  Giving the opportunity to the members of the organization to go to any country without problems and take part in Championships and Cups of KWF and learn Karatenomichi in the Head-quarter of KWF (Tokyo).

5.  Uniting of all members of karatenomichi, creating of friendly relations in the organization.

Address to the leaders of karate organization 

       The organization of karatenomichi in Ukraine with big respect and wish to collaborate and develop friendly relations, appeals to the leaders of the karate organizations of Ukraine, and also neighbouring countries, and Europe with the proposal. We give the opportunity to take part in the KWF camps, holding in Ukraine, to the trainers and instructors on an equal footing. .
Our organizations together will serve to developing of karate and preparation of instructors getting the high level of knowledge in karate.